Ayala Land is one of the most well-known real estate companies in the Philippines today.

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Real Estate Company: AyalaLand as one of the well-known today

Real estate is one of the greatest growing sector in our country nowadays. Real estate is defined as a property consisting of land and the buildings on it, along with its natural resources. Since Philippines is coping up with the speedy changes in terms of technology it is just ideal to commit or invest time and money to a real estate company. One of the most known real estate company (and I believe all people here in my office will relate to this) is the AyalaLand.
Ayala Land Inc. is the real estate sector of Ayala Corporation which is I believe one of the largest and longest standing corporation in Philippines. Its foundation and continued growth, branching to different line of businesses have become the strongest part of the socioeconomic history of our country. As a formidable real estate company today, Ayala Land Inc. focuses on residential, shopping establishments, corporate business and hotels.
Among the shopping centers they built was Glorietta, Greenbelt (both located in Makati City) Market! Market! (Bonifacio Global City) Alabang Town Center (Muntinlupa) and TriNoMa (located in QC) which are well-known not only to some or to most but actually to everyone. On the residential part, I can only remember two that they are affiliated with, Avida Land and Amaia Land now making a scene by offering premium condominiums around the metro.
Of all the shopping centers mentioned above, the only ones I got a chance to go through (I’m not a fan of going to malls, sorry) are TriNoma, Glorietta and Greenbelt. I can say that yes, AyalaLand really do things to give its name the rightful throne in the real estate company listings. Besides strategically locating malls, the place is quite pleasant to walk through. You will not fail to see the specific and elegant structure and the engineered buildings of these said establishments. Though located in the heart of business areas and centers, you can never deny that it still has the environment-friendly atmosphere it promotes especially in Greenbelt and Glorietta.
As I mentioned, it is strategically placed. You will never have to worry because enough parking space available for everyone. If you are commuting or will utilize public transportation, almost all of these shopping centers are available and open for public transportation. Most of them actually have their own terminals.
So as one of the top real estate company in Philippines, I think AyalaLand lived up to its expectations. Not only through the designs, meticulous details and how the establishments stand out but also through how they are strategically located, accessibility and even how environment friendly as possible it could get. Considering these maybe to become one of the top in the real estate company race one need to do not only what is expected but to deliver more than expected.

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